Saving 10+ daily hours and avoiding errors - Automation


- As part of the business delivery, our client needs to send customized PDF reports to their customers. Each PDF varies considerably depending on the order components. To accomplish the task, there were 5 workers generating the PDF report, validating... Read More

Edge Computing Explained


- Thanks to the Internet of Things is possible to connect real-world things to the Internet. This capability allows getting status data of sensors such as temperature or humidity and acting over real-world things such as lights and doors. IoT creates... Read More

Three choices to succeed in an RPA project


- Robotic Process Automation solutions automate mindless and repetitive tasks that involve moving and manipulating data through several information systems in line with an identifiable set of rules. This tasks automation with RPA offers benefits such... Read More

What is Apache Hive?


- Hive is a data warehouse system.  Hive allows to query and analyze large datasets stored in HDFS. Hive can process queries on large data sets fast thanks to map-reduce tasks processed on multiple servers. It uses a query language called HiveQL that is... Read More

Apach Spark Explained in Fewer than 190 Words


- Apache Spark is the most widely used engine for scalable computing. Read More

Healthcare Services Provider chooses ATLATL


- Background This healthcare provider turned to ATLATL with a challenge with their digital transformation. As a healthcare provider, most of their customers are experiencing aches, pains, and stressful personal situations that make the front-desk... Read More

Data Analysis | Software Solutions


- Software Solutions that support data recollection, extraction, transformation, load, and reporting for Data Analytics processes through the following use cases: Read More

75% Time Reduction on File Management


- For legal obligations, our client requires to store requisition forms of all new orders.  In a day, there can be more than 700 new orders. This amount of new orders requires a considerate effort to store and manage the files. As a solution, they... Read More

Increasing Client Purchase Speed by 50%


- With progressive improvements, the 15% velocity increase transforms to 50% in four months. Read More