One of our customers was experiencing an extraordinary increase in the demand for their services.

They knew they needed to provide as many services as possible. The natural move to extend the offer (an increase of physical infrastructure) required an extensive investment and several months to be production-ready.

They needed to find a faster solution. 

Finally, the client decided to enhance the current infrastructure with technology. 

We work together to identify and evaluate critical bottlenecks in the purchase process.

We estimated that by solving three main issues (billing process, third party applications integration, and usability) we could increase the purchase speed by 30%. 

Together we solve every issue. The client provided the business knowledge and field experience, and we offer technology solutions that will integrate correctly with the process solution.

After two months, we implemented the Proof of Concept. We were able to increase the client purchase speed by 15%. That leads to serving more customers and with less waiting time.

With progressive improvements, the 15% velocity increase transforms to 50% in four months.


The organization was serving more customers with the same current infrastructure.

We keep working with the organization finding new bottlenecks on other business processes and providing solutions to enhance the current infrastructure.