This healthcare provider turned to ATLATL with a challenge with their digital transformation.

As a healthcare provider, most of their customers are experiencing aches, pains, and stressful personal situations that make the front-desk employees' work more challenging.

Employees needed as much help from technology solutions to avoid stressful situations for their customers. Attendance delays, providing wrong solutions, and human errors led to an overall bad experience from customers.

Because of the uniqueness of the process, out-of-box solutions provided a partial solution.

Also, because of the COVID19 pandemic, the organization experienced an, never seen before, increase in services demand of 200%.

Tasks that used to take 3 hours increased up to 8 hours. The first solution was to expand the workforce, but there was a long and complex ramp-up.

If that wasn't bad enough, the ramp was in a stressful environment. Resignations were common among new employees.

That's why the healthcare provider turned to ATLATL. The mission was to build an ecosystem capable of providing the required features to make the process faster, better, and less complex.

Building a faster and better solution

In this scenario, the front-desk relationship with the customer represents a considerable role in the overall service quality perception.

The quality of service on other steps of the process was well managed. Usually, a minor error on the front desk processes affects the overall service perception from customers. The customer complaints started to grow.

Initiation Discovery, Prototyping, and Agile Teams

The ATLATL team decided to start by understanding the problem. Key decision-making employees and end-users participated in a discovery phase to identify key challenges.

With the list of requirements prioritized, the prototyping and development phase started. Using Agile Methodologies and Rapid Prototyping, the team found what works and what doesn't.

The team used production-controlled tests to understand solutions viability and production performance.

Building new processes

The team decided to create new processes and remove or change old ones to solve crucial challenges.

This decision required intense collaborative work between the ATLATL team and the internal members.

Communication methodologies and teamwork played a crucial role in the project's success.


Some takeaways from the project are:

Maintain a high level of communication between required parts.

The integration of communication methodologies increased by 35% the accomplishment of the goals between the team. Choosing the correct participants it's crucial to make fast and intelligent decisions.

Rapid prototyping is a powerful solution in uncertain environments.

Understanding if a probable solution can or can't work in early stages saves time and resources valuable in later phases.

Not every solution is technological.

Technology plays a huge component in digital transformation but it can't solve all of the businesses' challenges. It is required a holistic view taking into account processes, peoples, and technology to succeed in the digital transformation.