As part of the business delivery, our client needs to send customized PDF reports to their customers.

Each PDF varies considerably depending on the order components.

To accomplish the task, there were 5 workers generating the PDF report, validating the correctness of the data, searching for the preferred medium of delivery for the customer, finally sending emails and WhatsApps.

If for any reason the demand for services grew in a considerable amount, it required extra hours at night to deliver the reports to clients on the compromised time and date.

This process could take up to 2 minutes per order, and it was common to find human errors. Meaning, that there was no certainty that there were reports not sent to not intended clients.

Besides, every order had specific delivery time restraints that needed to be accomplished.

There were 5 collaborators working parallel at least 1 hour daily, making this process and sending reports. That means over 10+ daily hours.

Human errors of these collaborators were common, which lead to multiple clients’ complaints and a bad service perception.

The client working along ATLATL, created a new definition of the process to avoid all possible human errors and to integrate as much tools as possible.

Now, the PDF reports delivery takes less than 2 seconds and the possibility of errors in minimum.

To achieve these amazing results, a lot of teamwork between our client team and ATLATL team was done.

Together, we designed, tested, developed and deployed the ultimate solution.