Software Solutions that support data recollection, extraction, transformation, load, and reporting for Data Analytics processes through the following use cases:

Web applications

Manual and not standardized data collection leads to repetitive inconsistencies in reports that create a lack of confidence in dashboards and constant error detecting work.


Some devices don't allow standard communication with common ETL solutions, such as thermometers, scanners, and sensors. 
Driver solutions can automatically recollect the device's data for further processing and storage.

Extraction, Transformation, Load


For Extraction, Transformation, and Load processes that require strict task sequencing and scheduling to avoid data issues, custom ETL solutions provide a fully controlled alternative with cleaner and error handler processes.



When standard reports are needed, we provide customs reporting solutions that display the required data. These solutions allow access control to share with collaborators.



To solve advanced business problems, we develop complex data analysis using robust statistical solutions. This analysis provides valuable insights with little time and effort investment.

Machine Learning

We develop Machine Learning models that improve the decision-making process. These models increase the quality of repetitive decisions by finding parameters that impact the final result.


ATLATL Group provides technology solutions in Process Automation and Data Analytics for various sectors. Thanks to ATLATL solutions, our clients have accomplished an increase in competitiveness and performance enhanced by technology.

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