Current Situation

Thanks to technology improvements, today is possible to leverage daily recollected data to increase decision-making performance.
Every day more and more organizations deploy data analysis solutions in their current IT landscape.

With this integration, organizations had increased their market knowledge, opportunities leverage, and crisis management.

Future Situation

Data analysis and extraction will be a success factor in organizations' competitiveness.

Organizations that had integrated data analysis solutions obtained the following benefits:

  • Cost savings
  • Increase in Sales
  • Increased Decision-making performance
  • Increased adaptability to market adjustments


A short-term complete Data Analytics deployment can be complex and painful. In ATLATL Group we recommend a gradual, ROI oriented, Data Analytics deployment according to the following hierarchy:


  1. Collect
  2. Move / Store
  3. Explore / Transform
  4. Aggregate / Label
  5. Learn / Optimize


Every-day, companies create an receive an enormous amount of data. This provides an opportunity to establish fast and data driven decision processes.

Decision process

This is why we help our clients become analysis driven to achieve sustainable and thorough performance via data.

Our analytics consultants provide the required skills to prepare companies for data-driven schematics, even develop analysis models to gain valuable operational insights.